He had saved her when she'd needed it most.

Phoebe would forever be grateful to Tegan Jólfrson. Instead of turning her into the Royal Courts, he had taken her home. He'd given her a haven, a second chance at life. But that was before he had left her trapped in a glorified prison. Before he had taken her heart and crushed it beneath his heel. Now Phoebe wants one thing and one thing only: her freedom.

Only Tegan isn't ready to give her up.

He'd thought he had managed to put her behind him. He'd left without a backwards glance, trying to save the both of them. He might have succeeded if not for the attack on Phoebe's life. Now he wants a second chance. But his life is just as dangerous as it'd been when he'd left her. Between dealing with an epidemic, hunting a sadistic vampire, and saving the Seven Planes, how can he possibly keep her safe enough to show her how he truly feels?


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Rage for Her (War of the Myth Book 3)
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