Fairytales of the Myth Standalones

A series of dark twists to the classic fairytales we all know and love. Cinderella has the power of fire and her "fairy godmother" is a dark fae willing to grant her every wish. The Little Mermaid watched her entire family get slaughtered by the humans and she will not rest until she knows vengeance. The Beast, all she wants is to be know what it's like to be loved...but the humans keep trying to kill her. So what's a girl to do, but turn them into stone?

***These are DARK twists with romantic elements. Happiy NEVER after is the title of EVERY epilogue. You have been warned.***

War of the Myth Series

Three and a half thousand years ago, Sebastian the Ancient Destroyer wrecked havoc across the Seven Planes. Two worlds fell to his greed and multiple races were nearly brought to extinction. In an attempt to save the human realm, all of its portals were destroyed by decree of the Royal Council.

And then, as fast as he'd appeared, Sebastian vanished. Some said he'd died. Some said he'd been taken by the gods and punished. But they were all wrong. Because now he's back and more pissed off than ever.

And worse, he has the Scrolls of Atlantis and a descendant, a forbidden child of the gods, on his side...


Various standalone novels that take place in the World of the Myth.